Why School Connect (School Management System) ?

School Connect is a web based management and collaboration system for schools to help parents, students & school staff stay connected with the school anytime, anywhere.

Lot of educational institutions are using School Connect worldwide for all administration, management and learning related activities. It is the only one integrated software you will ever need to manage and take care of all departments & functions of your whole school.

School Connect ERP is award winning, powerful and user-friendly solution. Nice clean and intuitive user interface to make it really simple and easy to learn and use.

Lots of features for managing school activities and automatically analyzing data through reports which makes it really powerful and efficient.

Enable online interaction between school & parent with powerful communication & engagement features.

Being web based you do not have to worry about any hardware setup or hardware cost Just open School Connect in your internet browser and get started.

With reduction in paper, effort & time. School Connect gives a lot of opportunities for schools to save money.

Powerful sms integration enables school to automatic sms alerts for various activities.

Reason to Use School Connect

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Need more information?

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